spaced out

Ok, you know you are spaced out when;

As you go to turn the page in Aristotle’s Ethics you suddenly realize that you have not retained any of what you read on the two pages that the book is open to. Somewhere in the second paragraph, as Aristotle was discoursing on the nature of ones friends and relatives impact upon ones happiness after one is dead, a strange thought suddenly burst into existence in your head; “why the hell the asteroid that hit the ship in the movie Black Hole was round, and if it had hit the ships big open room (that runs down the axis of the ship) while the main characters where running across a bridge in said big open room, why where they not suddenly sucked into space as the ship (or at least aforementioned big open room) experienced sudden explosive decompression? Of course this thought leads you to remember that that movie was made in 1981 by Disney (the same year they mad that other box office flop Something Wicked this Way Comes) and that the phenomenal lack of success experienced by these two movies seams to have put an end to Disney making live action movies. Now days Touchstone still makes live action and they are owned by Disney, but it’s not the same thing. Why? Because the old live action Disney movies (of which I must have owned well over 300 in the ’80’s, and that was not even half of them. They include such classics as; The Mask of Zoro, and Pollyanna not to mention Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (I have no idea if I spelled those right but I don’t feel like looking on the IMDB!) (do you still remember where we are in this sentence???) had Tinker Bell at the beginning with the picture of the castle at the Magic Kingdom (I think that one is sleeping beauty’s but I’m not positive.) or the really old ones had Mickey Mouse. Anyway, this leads you to wonder if it would be possible for the artist (animators) to paint the cartoons directly on the film. would they have to use a single haired brush, and look through a magnifying glass? Is it possible to do that well? And about this time you realize that none of this had any baring on anything that in anyway affects your life. (even chaos theory would have a hard time making this relevant to my life I think!) And the last lines that Aristotle wrote where “So much for our examination of that subject.”

What subject????

I think all this is due to my reading James Joyce’s Ulysses because he writes like that first paragraph of this entry! (and that book is 800 pages long) My mind has gotten very good at wondering off to frolic in it’s own inner playground because Joyce cannot tell a story.

Ulysses is without qualification the worst writing I have ever read. It could have been written in a language I cannot understand and reading it would have had the same effect on me. I would like to have one of the people who voted it the best work of literature in the english language in the past 100 years explain to me what type of crack/LSD/heroin/PCP/dope/insert appropriate mind altering drug here they where on when they cast that vote. Ulysses has no plot, not main character, no structure, and ABSOLUTELY no redeeming quality! Don’t ever read it.

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Goddammit! I can’t even find the books I am supposed to be reading! I have been online all day just trying to get into the site that has the reading list, and my computer won’t download the PDF file. If you happen to have a few spare moments, could you go to
and then click on “Vorlesungsverzeichnis” and see if you can download the pdf file. If you manage it, could you send it to me?

In other news, I went to an awesome drum ‘n base party last night. The glowsticks however were not much of a hit, infact I talked to this guy for a while about America, Hegel, and Hobbes, and he startes playing with my glowsticks. Then he told me HE thought the were cool, but he would not be caught dead with them at a club because they were cheesy. Oh, well, there’s no help for these provincial folk, I guess.

Tonight I am going to Erfurt with an American girl that I met here to go to another Drum ‘n Base party. I hope it turns out to be as good as the last one. Should I take my glowsticks as a show of my raging Americanism?

Seeing as how I am talking to you right now over AIM while you wait to get you pdf file e-mail; yes I can get the file and send it to you. Good luck with you reading list. I cannot imagine reading text books in another language. The shear level of vocab you must have is amazing.

-Ich liebe dich, meine schne schatz,

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