oh my lord am I exhuasted…

I’m doing the “high maintenance Yuppie” thing right now, sitting in Starbucks, with my laptop, attempting to work on my stories. I figure that this week being the first of classes I have the chance to work on other stuff. The only problem is I have class at 9am on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The only day I do not have a 9am class is Tuesday, and that is the day they clean my dorm room so I still have to be up and out by 10 (Well I don’t have to be out, but I prefer not to be in when they clean, they do a better job if no one is there, which I can understand, I would be uncomfortable cleaning and vacuuming if someone was there too.)

Anyway I have been having a lot of fun this week, and even last week during exams. I had a melt down last Wednesday afternoon and my mind shut down… no more studying on my own. I did go to study group on Thursday for six hours and Friday for another five, but no opening that damn Networks book on my own, it hurts my head. So what did I do in the evenings of exam week… I finally found some cool people who do things, P███████ and C███████; a couple of girls who live in the dorms and stay up late every night doing something. In the past week with them I have sat up till six am talking two or three times, gone out drinking and clubbing twice and watched movies once. I am having a lot of fun, and I get to add two people to my list of multinational friends, C███████ was born in Switzerland to Italian parents (and speaks something like five languages! Some times I feel like I am the only person in the world who does not speak more than one language!) and P███████ is Brazilian/Italian. So now my list of international friends looks like this:

  • P███████: Brazilian/Italian
  • C███████: Italian/Swiss
  • R█████: French/German
  • P███: Korean/Greek
  • A███: Brazilian/Portuguese/Cyprian
  • T███: French
  • M█████: Italian
  • C████: Greek

There are a lot more international people I have met but only hungout with a few times, for instance last night P███████ and C███████ invited me to go clubbing with them and some friends. The group included the two girls, three girl friends of theirs and a guy friend and myself. So we had Brazilian/Italian, Swiss/Italian, American, Canadian, two Greeks and the British Guy. We went to a club called Hombres over between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court. The place was decorated like something out of the 70’s; Strings of ferry lights every 5 inches running floor to ceiling, and the walls where made of mirrors. Anyway, it was a great night; we got there at about 11 and stayed till just before 3. The djing left something to be desired, I think his name way Amtrak, and there was a little too much Hip-Hop for my taste but he played some good seventies and eighties music as well as a little house. I got dragged to the dance floor repeatedly and everyone wanted me to show them how to do the liquid thing with their hands. It was a great night, but hitting bed between four and six am and getting up at eight is starting to ware on me… I need coffee—hence I am in Starbucks (which I had refused to go into on the general principle of not supporting “creping Americanism” till the girls asked me a few days ago and I remembered that Starbucks makes good coffee… Ok I know but everyone here drinks instant so Starbucks is good by comparison!)

I have also been hanging out with one of the guys from my classes last semester, Craig. We and one other guy, Ben, from class went out for some drinks after exams. And Craig and I went to play pool the other night. It’s cool that I have now actually hung out with a British person. Craig even visited my website and signed up for the forum! (Though if someone does not post a topic soon that may have been a futile gesture.)

Anyway this is a very long post and I have not even started to cover winter break! Will at some point do that, but this was more immediate. Ciao.

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Well, I know I haven’t seen you online. I just didn’t think you were all THAT busy. But it does sound like wicked cool fun. I had SUCH a blast in England! Thanks. And I envy you SO much more now.

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