tunbridge wells.

I went out to lunch with two other Americans and our tutor, Geoff Dowling, this Sunday. I met the Americans, Kanika and Brian downstairs at 9am and we hopped a tube over to Charing Cross station to catch the 10:10 to Tunbridge Wells where Geoff lives. We got to the station and found out that there was no rail service from Charing Cross all day. So we had to get back on the tube and go to Cannon Street Station. We got there just in time, we got our tickets and jumped on the train not a minute before it pulled out of the station.

On the way out we all talked about not wanting to go, Geoff is kinda spacy in class and we where all dreading an afternoon of talking to him. But we figured he was our tutor and it was only one afternoon to give up.

We got to Tunbridge Wells right on time and Geoff was waiting there for us. There was a light rain so we walked the few blocks to the “downtown” part of Tunbridge Wells. Apparently the town was founded because of a natural spring, found int 1606, that was said to have healing powers. By the 1700’s it was a common weekend spot for London Gentry, and seams to have had a scandalus reputation. Geoff, Brian, Kanika and I where looking for something to do to kill an hour till the pubs opened and we stumbled onto an exibit/tour of Georgian Tunbridge Wells. It was quite entertaining and took just over an hour.

After the tour/exibit we all piled into a taxi, because the steam train was not running, and rode out into the hills to a place called “High Rocks.” There are a bunch of exposed rocks at the top of a big hill and just next to them is an 1800’s Tavern. Classic fairy tail Britan, moss covered roof, vines growing up both stories, green fields and forest as far as the eye can see, and a light fog and drizzle for effect. We sat in the tavern for a couple of hours, enjoyed an excelent Italian meal and talked about travel.

Then we went off to Geoff’s house to have a traditional English Tea with his wife and watched the Six Nations Rugby match between Ireland and Wales. We talked some more, this time about the differenced between the British and American education system. Then we had to catch the train back to London. On the train Kanika, Brian and myself agreed that we all had fun and the day was worth it. All in all it was a good day, and it helped to get my mind off all that had been bothering me for the past few weeks.