I’ve just had a shitty fucking day to end a fucking horrible week, which comes at the end of a fucking bad month!

My course work was late, because of bad network at school, shitty compatibility between windows/linux, bad implementation of eps in windows (take your pick) and being late means 10 points off of an already bad project because I was sick out of my mind while doing it. In fact I have not been out of my dorm except to turn in the two course works and eat all week. A bird shit on my jacket while I was walking back from the University, my cold is still fucking with me, and I found out that since last night the girl that I had a crush on is dating the guy two doors down from me. I don’t know why this bothers me so much, because I knew there was no chance of her dating me. But it still seams to be bothering me. To top all that off I found out that a guy I have known since I was eleven dropped dead on Valentines day! And I have a list of about 4 people who want me to fix their computers again. I have fixed about 10 in the past two days, people should just leave their fucking computers alone. They should realize when they don’t know what the fuck they are doing and just leave well enough the fuck alone!

I’m tired of being Mr. nice, Mr. grown up, Mr. has the answers to other peoples problems. I just don’t really give a shit about other peoples issues right now, because I hate to tell them—they don’t fucking know what issues are!!!

Fuck it all!