Are all Computer Science Deans Assholes or is it just me?

I am working on a project for my Language Processors class; modifying a Parser and a Lexer to work, they took the short circute bool’s, the for loop, and the switch statement out of the language and we have to put it back in. Now a lot of people have been posting questions on how to get the for loop stuff to work (thats the first part of the projects) to the class discussion site. Well in my infinite wisdom I hacked together a solution that worked but involved changing the input files (adding one word to the definition of the for loops) I thought that maybe this had just been left out by accident, because without it the for loops look just like c/c++ for loops. So I posted an explanation of my hack to the website, with the question: “Is this right?” Well, an hour latter there is a reply from the teacher, who is the dean, which consists of a single line: “Maybe it’s your for loop semantic definition thats wrong?” Am I the only one who detects a note of sarcasm here? It would not be too bad except this is not the first sign that Dean Bolton has his head stuck somewhere between his sphincter and his spleen—in class, if you come in late he stops class the tell you not to do it because you are disrupting class, he does not seem to realize that HE is the one disrupting class and that if he would just shut his mouth and keep teaching none of us would have felt there was any interruption. Also, while his lectures are good, he seams to be a ok lecturer, his home work and lab assignments don’t seam to be understandable. Argh! Oh well, at least he does teach class, not like Dean Hamburger at Mason—he just hold a one person discussion about what he is going to teach in class, and the only person invited to the discussion is himself!

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I swear Hamburger forgot somewhere that CS is simultaniously applied, and practical. He is still floating out there somewhere in theory land (probably still the effect of certain drugs he would deny knowledge of).

Both dean win in the “Give me a straight fucking answer” though. There is a difference between stimulating thought through creative lack of infomation, then there is just not answering the question.

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