switzerland, der schweitz, suisse, svizzera, svizra!

(I don’t even know what language the last of those is in.) So where was I? Oh yea, dropped Jennifer onto an airplane and left Paris for Der Schweitz! The train ride (actually two of them, I had to change at Basel, in Switzerland) was nice—after walking so much in Paris for a week it felt good to sit in a cushioned chair for ten hours. Ok, ten hours was a little too long to sit, but after the first five the scenery was stunning. Switzerland is like someone took a bunch of Ansel Adams photos and made a country out of them. Shear rock faces rising out of pristine lakes, their tops lost in clouds (it was rainy the whole time I was in Switzerland.) I kept trying to take pictures out of the window of the train but it was moving too fast. (Damn train, why does it got to move!)

Somewhere along the way I went from Der Schweitz to Svizzera (left German speaking Switzerland and entered Italian speaking Switzerland) Anyway, I got to Lugano—Thats where C███████ lives, and she her mother picked me up from the train station. Let me just say that the view from C███████’s house back patio is amazing (well, except for that antenna atop the neighbors house—but we’ll ignore that,) her house is halfway up a big mountain and the patio looks down on a lake. At night the lights from all the other houses lining the hills around the lake flicker like so many fireflies.

I guess at this point I have to mention that I met, and made fun of Laura, C███████’s little sister. She’s cool, poppy and happy. C███████’s mom, is very nice, very motherly over a guest—but that’s normal… right? Anyway I spent the night and then went into Lugano in the morning with C███████. There is not much to see in Lugano as a visitor, a nice shopping district which kinda reminds me of a more upscale downtown C’ville, a nice museum—it was showing African art, and there was a sculpture exhibit where the streets in downtown where sprinkled with random sculpture by someone.

Anyway Spent one more night and then took a train to Milano where I met up with A█████—on of the American here at City. I will tell that tall next time.