what’s wrong with me?

I went to Bedrock at Heaven tonight—it is supposed to be one of the best club nights in the world, John Digweed’s residence. Well tonight there was no Digweed and it was a wast of 8 pounds. I think I have become a jaded raver—I don’t seam to have fun very often when I go out clubbing. I find people to be rude, and want to be rude back, I rarely find the music to my liking, and when I do find a good beat it does not last long. I have not been clubbing a lot since I came to Europe but when I do go I do not seem to have a lot of fun. I don’t like it………..

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Come back to some Scott Henry goodness! =)

Actaully, I have been finding the same. The poeple haven’t changed all that much, but the music is getting static. It’s hard to find something good to bounce. Even worse, I don’t have anyone fun to go with! ::meep::

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