fabric live.

Wow, talk about a way to make up for Bedrock! I went out with C███████, A█████, Sherman and a few of A█████s friends since he leaves in the morning. We went drinking at a bar not far from here, we had a great time, but the kicker was that this bar was next door to Fabric—one of the best clubs in London! So C███████, A█████, one of the other girls from halls and myself went to Fabric. Now the last time I went to Fabric it was ok, it was Drum & Base and Garage night—not my style of music, but the venue was sweet. Tonight though, it was Deep House in the room we where in, the kind of deep house where you lose yourself to the beat, the waves caused by the base bins pounding out the rhythm keep you moving even if you are dead tired. The light strobe and spin giving the room that feeling of movie like confusion. I don’t know who the DJ was—no one I’d ever heard of but it doesn’t matter, the whole atmosphere just transported me back to the basement of Club216 when I was in high school, when all the music was just “techno” because I did not know any better, when I could dance till the sun was up—and longer because we did not know it was up. After the Jaded Raver night I had at Bedrock this was exactly what I needed.