First off: Happy Birthday C███████! Hope you have a good day, and get lots of cool presents. Wish I could be there.

Second: Does anyone read this? If so leave a message… J███████, S██████, C███████, C██████, Rachel… just press the “post comment” link and say hello… It’s really not worth doing this if no one interacts.

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Thank you very much! The presents were pretty extraordinary and unexpected as well. I managed to get Emilia drunk and that made our bday the most interesting one yet. It was weird not having you by my side the night of my 21st bday. Hopefully you will be there for the next one.
Miss you.

I’m glad you birthday was good. Your welcome for the present, glad you like it. I hope I can be there for the next birthday, or you can be here for mine. And thank you for leaving a comment. It’s really a good feeling when someone leaves a comment, and lets you know that they are listening to you. Miss you too.

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