lockheed interview and other thoughts

So I had an interview (which actually turned out to be three interviews!) with Lockheed Martin on Friday. I stayed up in NoVa Friday night to see S██████, J███████ and K██. But before we get into too much detail I have to say something; Driving back from NoVa today, I got passed by a Silver Mustang convertible around the Warrenton interchange. The car was weaving in and out and passed when it got behind me was trying to push me—and I was not going slow… Well about thirty miles later I came over a hill and see flashing blue lights. There in front of a state cop is the silver Mustang and the lady driving it being handed a ticket! Now, not to be an ass hole and a gloat, but there a few things in driving that feel better than seeing the bitch or bastard that passed you being served a nice fat ticket! Yea.

Anyway, the Lockheed Martin interviews went well. Three groups within the Tech Ops and Management Systems department interviewed me. All top-secret work so not much info but the interview went ok. Two of them where just ok but the third one I think went well. At this point it is hard to be too hopeful about the prospects of getting a job but I think I have a good chance this time. Cross my fingers!

Now for the other thoughts. Have you ever had a dream about someone you have not seen or talked to in years? And in that dream the person is portrayed in a where you never thought of the person? Get your mind out of the gutter—nothing like that! But the dream was a little disconcerting. It was just a dream but took all morning to shake the feeling of “I wonder if things could have been that way if…” Strange man.

Last thing: I misread someone this week; talking with the person over the Internet I got a feeling, that something was wrong. It turned out to the feeling was wrong but I sent the person an email thinking that something was wrong and the email scared the person into thinking that there was something wrong with me. The problem with only talking to people over IM or the phone—no body language! I hope I did not confuse the person too much.

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You did confuse the person. And quite a lot. This person feels pretty lost at the moment, but is trying to get back on the right track. Hopefully everything will be sorted.

I think we have a communial crossing of the fingers for you on this point. Be good to see you more than once a month. =)

Geez, 29 is a nice drive! Why the hell does this bitch have to go a ruin it by being so hostile? 3 minutes, and she could have hauled all the ass she wanted to. Those people just make me made.

Two things…

1) 29 is a nice drive a few times, but somewhere around the one thousandth time you make the trip you can understand the all consuming desire to go fast, faster, bat outa hell!

2) I think the crossing of fingers may have helped but more on that in a few days… ;)

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