Nobel Prize Winners – 2002

The Nobel Foundation had awarded all of this years Nobel Prizes:
Physics: Raymond Davis Jr., Masatoshi Koshiba and Riccardo Giacconi
Chemistry: John B. Fenn, Koichi Tanaka and Kurt Wüthrich
Medicine: Sydney Brenner, H. Robert Horvitz and John E. Sulston
Literature: Imre Kertész
Economics: Daniel Kahneman, Vernon L. Smith
Peace: Jimmy Carter Jr.

Head over to the Nobel e-Museum to read more about each and past winners. It’s a great site just to browse and learn something.

The wording of that award very clearly stabed at Bush’s warhawking saying;

“In a situation currently marked by threats of the use of power, Carter has stood by the principles that conflicts must as far as possible be resolved through mediation and international co-operation based on international law, and respect for human rights.”

I should also point out that one of the winners of the Economics prize is a George Mason professor. This is the second person in the GMU Economics department to win a Nobel Prize. I went to Mason for three years and never met any Economics students…. Now I know why, all the professors where doing research rather than teaching!

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