I heard an ad on the radio today for a company looking for computer people from “the intelligence community” who currently have a Top Secret or higher clearance. The thing that disturbed me about this ad was the way in which the term “homeland” was used. They said; blah, blah, “continue serving the homeland,” blah, blah. Now does this strike anyone else as a bad thing? To start to refer to the US as “the homeland” scares me. It sounds like “fatherland” or something from Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. I have thought it before, with Bush’s warmongering and Ashcroft trying to suspend civil liberties but does anyone else smell nationalism here with shades of Europe in the first half of the 20th century? I don’t want to live in Fascist America under Herr Bush and Kommandanten Chaney and Ashcroft.

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Chang: “We need breathing room.”
Kirk: “Earth, Hitler, 1938”

I feel much the same as you do. The part that gets me more is when people snap back… like at people would question the US’ actions; “but this is the best country in the world, we can do no wrong!” What critial thinking went on there, I have to ask myself.

Not that the peoples are helping either. There is a good article in the Wash Post from this past Sunday (I write this on Monday) that deals with that. We, the people, are no longer citizen, and active part of the governing process, simply consumers of the government, which to me makes little sense.

I have to agree with the article — close to 60% of under 25’s voted in the late ’60’s now it’s closer to 30%. Maybe we need a cause like “War in Iraq” to get the lazy non-politiac fucks out there to get off there asses and go vote. You have no right to oppose the Draft if you did not vote… I don’t care how much weed you smoke.

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