move in and first week of work

Well, first I apologize for there being no updates and no warning of why all week. I moved into my apartment on the 24 and 25 and started work on the 28. So. There will be very sporadic updates for the next few weeks till I get Internet service at my apartment.

The apartment is very empty. Nice but empty. I have only one real piece of furniture—my bed. Besides that I have lots of boxes of books and cloths. Everything else will have to wait for a while till I build up some more money. Oh well, I can always walk to Xando’s to sit down!

My job is cool—till I have clearance I have nothing to do. But they will pay for my masters degree so I guess I should fill out some paper work and get of my butt. I can also apply to do internal, non-classified work. But basically other than that it’s twiddling of thumbs till clearance—and that can take more than two years if you have been out of the country for a while…. Great!

My biggest problem this week was with cars… or rather with car—it died, in rush hour traffic on 66! Getting it towed to a service station and getting home that night involved lots of walking in the cold rain and cussing! And getting to work the next morning involved much walking. Ended up costing just over 300 to get fixed and towed, but I made it back to C’ville Friday so I can practice more with my new car and get the whole manual transmission thing down. Cross your fingers!

Anyway, I will try to update on a semi-regular basis till I get Internet access at my apartment. Then hopefully I can do it on a daily basis. Ciao!

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How is it going just getting phone service? ‘We’ have been wondering how you have been doing… little expectant of a phone call.

Twiddling your thumbs? Sounds like a good thing to be payed for. MS is even better. GRE time!

Anyhow… peace be. I guess we will talk to you soon. =\

Well phone service should be turned on before Friday the 8th at 5pm… but once again I am in C’ville for most of the weekend. I will call you two Monday, we should do coffee/whatever. Maybe some King Maker.

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