net access

I finally have Internet access! So now I can update my journal! Probably lost all four or five of my regular readers in the past three weeks. Oh well, c’est la vie.

Anyway, not much new here to talk about. The biggest thing in my life is lack of things in my life. I am sitting on a chair I stole from my parents house—one of my three pieces of furniture; bed, chair and coffee table. I have finished painting my apartment—the bed room is fine, a few mistakes but those are my fault. The living room on the other hand is making me mad. I painted it red and not only is the red a brighter color then I thought it was but I can see all the roller lines and brush strokes, everywhere that the paint overlaps there is a darker spot—the color it is supposed to be! Problem is I put two coats on everything and have used all of my two gallons of paint! The other problem is when I pulled up the painters tape it took some spots of paint with it, so there are white marks here and there around the trim. And where it did not pull up the tape it looks like crap anyway because the paint somehow got under the tape so the trim does not form a nice clean line with the wall. All in all I feel like my paint job is significantly sub-par. Oh well. Nothing to do about it now—don’t have the money or desire to repaint it or paint another coat on it.

Anyway, bunch of stuff happened over the past few weeks that I would have posted journal entries on but not having net access at home prevented that and I’m just to lazy to try to post them now—not to mention I am having a Geritol moment thinking about it. But, I’m back on line—more post to come!