crashing linux

Ohh, Jebus junked-up Christ! I completely funked up my computer last night while trying to set up the DSL modem to come up and register automatically on boot. Somehow this trashed my X-windows setup so that it would not even start. Spent two hours hand rewriting my XF86Config file to get X to work again—then enlightenment would not start…. more headaches! Spent some time getting that to work, and now the DSL still does not come up on boot! I don’t know what else to do. I added the entry to the init and rc.d using chkconfig. Everything looks good during boot but then sometimes I can ping Verizon and no one else and sometimes I can’t ping anyone—but I can never ping everyone. And to add to this headache, I seam to have hosed up my gaim settings so that none of the plugins work which means I cannot connect to MSN with gaim—and that’s the network C███████ is on! Ahhh! The long and short of all this is that I spent five hours jerking off my laptop last night and nothing has changed. I love Linux!

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I don’t understand anything about computers, but the situation u r in seems to b pretty bad. I’m sorry honey. Oh, by the way, u spelled my name wrong: u put an extra “i”. Y didn’t u tell me Flugie was coming to London? When he called, I almost got a heart attack!

Oops! *bowing head in shame at not being able to spell own girlfriends name!* Sorry… I fixed it. As for Andrew; I was not supposed to tell you he was coming, he told me so. I did give you a hint on messenger the other day, I said that Andrew said hello and he’d see you soon :) He’s a brat for going to see my girlie and not taking me! Tell him I said hello.

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