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So some kid died when he tried to recreate a stunt he saw on Jackass on MTV. Now I think Jackass is a stupid show, lower on the scale than the Power Rangers and Barney but let’s get one thing strait: anyone who attempts to recreate anything they saw on that show deserves to die—it’s called natural selection and there is not enough if it in the human world today! Of course if the kid who tries to recreate a stunt is five or six then maybe it’s the parents who should be natural selected out of the population for neglecting their kid—sometimes I think there should be a licensing scheme for parenting, I know it would not solve all the problems but lets say that no college degree = no kids, a bachelors means one or two, a masters up to 4 and any number with a Ph.D. I think that would cut down on the stupid parents quotas. Now, I’m not saying there is a problem with stupidity in America, but lets remove the safety labels from everything and let the problem fix itself. And of course we put a moratorium on suing over injury and death caused by not following the directions!

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I know an awful lot of stupid parents with college degree’s and a lot of smart parents without them. So I think that the whole college degree thing shouldn’t be the requirement for a license but I agree with the sentiment. :-) We should have some sort of license requirement for parenthood…

There have been a lot of kids dying reproducing Jackass crap lately. I forget the website address, I have it bookmarked at work, but it’s really a quite perfect example. It’s “Obscure News” and every day they have at least one article about some dumbass kid who fell off a car, lit on fire by a friend or some other stupid stunt inspired by Jackass. They generally go into how terrible the show is but damn, I think that show is doing the world a favor. Anyone who would willingly let their friend set them on fire, deserves whatever they get.

*ahem* Anyway, I stop my rant. :-)

As was said at lunch on Friday, I agree that the college education level scheme would not work. So… We do the licensing scheme: You have to attend a class, then pass the written test before you are given a Foster Child for one year. Upon completion of this one year, (during which you where reviewed regularly to ensure the foster child was well cared for,) you are scored and passing allows you to have kids. Maybe the score could be made my a third party during an adjudication process and the higher the score the more kids you are allowed to have.

Do I sound Orwellian yet? Maybe this would not only fix the “stupid people” breading issue but if people had to take care of a foster child for a year, they might decide to adopt the child and then we could lessen the number of kids needing adoption. Of course none of this could work — it violates way too many fundamental freedoms. Only in an Margaret Atwood book does this make sense.

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