listed on GeoURL now. Click the green button –&gt Vive la metaspace!!!

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No cauliflower! Oh well. I think I can let that pass; there are enough other toppings on my pizza.

Anyway, it$(B!G(Bs great to get a comment from someone I don’t actually know. How did you tack my website down? GeoURL, or from the email address?

I liked your site, especially Hyperfridge! Cool work.

Brian, I noticed that you are very close to me in the geographical sense (via GeoURL) and have embarked on a trek to actually make contact with some of these connections.

And in doing so, while I’ve only looked around here briefly, I find we do have some things in common. First, my name is JeffREY, while your middle name is JeffERY (close, but good enough).

Second, my father worked for 35 years at Lockheed. And you also work at Lockheed (if only for a couple more weeks).

Is it a coincidence that we now find ourselves in close geo proximity to each other? Hmmm. Anyway, glad to make your acquaintance.

Seeing as your dad worked for Lockheed for 35 years (I am guessing that he worked in or around NoVa,) and that is why I settled here after college, I doubt it is a coincidence.

As for my name… well you can blame the incorrect spelling on my dads inablility to spell and my mother being tired after labor. She did not catch my dads screw up till after the paperwork was done. C’est la vie!

I checked out your site. Very nice. Lots of work there!

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