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Ok, the site was down for the past 36 hours—anyone notice? No? Didn’t think so. Well anyway, the reason was (Warning: Geeky stuff ahead…) that on Sunday afternoon while I was editing some pages I got disconnected. I think it was a problem with Verizon as I could not check my email or other web sites either. I did not think much of is and just turned the computer off and read some of my book before heading to work. Then Monday afternoon, while at work, I pointed my web browser at confusion and what came up was a banner saying that my account had been suspended and that I needed to contact the host. One trouble ticket later and I was informed that I had been abusing the system with ‘vim’ and as a result my account was suspended and I would have to pay $100 do get it turned back on. $100!!!! Abused by vim????

As best I can tell the problem was that when I got disconnected my vim process did not die, (I should have realized this.) Said vim process then apparently decided it needed 100% of the processor to do absolutely not a damn thing! This prompted my hosting company to smite said vim process with much authority and then punish the wicked by suspending my account (kind of akin to purgatory!)

Anyway, I have to admit I got a little rude with tech support by email and they have decided to wave the fee this time. But I best watch out—the next time they smite me it will be with furious vengeance and great wrath!

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ps -a
kill -9
/sbin/setuser -u
/sbin/setuser -e

Huh… they wanted to charge you $100 for all that complicated work. Oh my….

You might want to consider the ‘screen’ application. Read the manual, it has some niffty features that might save you in future.

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