Oh my god! The wind chill right now is negative fucking freezing! It’s so cold and windy. You get brain freeze just walking down the street!

Anyway, I went to dinner with Sherman tonight. He’s in town because he has an interview with Lockheed Martin tomorrow. So I gave him the inside scoop—on how cool the projects are, how boring the awaiting clearance process is and how painful the polygraph is! Hope I did not scare him too badly! I really hope he gets the job, or some other job in the NoVa/DC area. It would be great to have another friend who is a city person here. Pub crawls and nights out! He said he would want to live in the District if he lived here.

I’m going to see A█████ this weekend, so I will get to relive some more England memories. I really miss London. I miss all of Europe. I was stumbling around the web today and ran across more pictures of London and Paris. I don’t know there is just a feeling of home in the pictures, even when they where of places in the cities I never went or saw they still felt like home. Maybe it’s just that I still feel uprooted from my moves (London to C’ville, C’ville to NoVA, NoVa to C’ville and then C’ville to DC all in one summer!) or maybe it’s my biggest emotional connection is to London, or maybe it’s my subconscious desire to be euro-trash. I don’t know, most times I don’t think about it but every once in a while I just feel in the pit of my stomach that I would be happier in London, and I curse the way immigration and national borders work…