and there was much drunkenness…

Ya! Went to Binghamton this weekend to hand with Flugie! Great weekend, aside from it being so cold you could not be outside for more than then minutes at a time. I drive up on Saturday and when I got there Flugie and his flat mates where unloading a keg. Needless to say with a beginning of like that there was much drinking that night. After a few hours of watching people play beer pong while A█████ and I caught up. We headed downtown to the bars.

At the bars A█████ kept handing me money and saying get us something to drink… A hundred dollars later A█████ did not know where he was and was being undressed in the club several hot girls. So Mike a friend of A█████s and I left him in one of their hands and headed home.

Ten o’clock the next morning A█████ called me to say he would be home soon. Apparently he had walked with the girl back to her house to get her car and then while they where talking he fell asleep. When he woke up he fell off the bed and broke the girls turtle tank—drunkard!

We just chilled all day talked and played on the computer—I got to talk to C███████ which was very, very nice. Not to mention convoluted and funny with A█████ in the room. Anyway, that night was, of course, Superbowl Sunday and A█████ and his roomies rented a projector and stole a screen for it. There where 30 or so people at the house for the game—which sucked.. the Raiders did not look like they know it was the Superbowl. They looked nonchalant about the whole thing, like it was a mid season game. Oh well, I don’t watch football anyway. Afterwards we watched ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and fell asleep.

On Monday Sherman called to say that Lockheed had decided to offer him a job. Very cool, I hope he takes it, would be great if he lived around here. I got to talk to C███████ on messenger again. I wish I could talk to her everyday like that. I headed out around five pm. After locking my keys in my truck—which is all A█████s falt! I was going to clean the snow off the truck and A█████ said to let it warm up. Normal enough but I never do it. So I turned the truck on and the heat. Then I closed the door and started scraping the snow. When I got done I remembered that when you first turn the ignition on the truck locks all the doors! Shit. Luckily I was able to use a coat hanger to push the auto window down button. So I finally managed to leave about 5:30. The East coast is so cold right now that the ice on the hood of my truck was still there when I got home—five hours of strait driving and there was still ice on my hood!

Anyway it was a great weekend, I wish C███████ could have been there in person rather than on messenger but there is nothing I can do about that right now… I can’t wait to do it all again. But with less alcohol!

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Wow… someone who gets drunk AND gets girls, not just oggles at them. I am very impressed. Does Andrew also know how to dance? I would be amazed! Simply amazed.

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