Lots of snow, I went home on Friday and the snow started to sleet on Saturday about two pm. It did not stop sleeting until Monday at about ten am. In the end the ground was covered with a sold sheet of ice 14 inches thick! You had to jump up and down on it to break it. I with it could have been snow rather than sleet, but it was beautiful outside regardless. I had today off because of Presidents day, but going to work tomorrow will be fun. The main roads are ok, but getting into my neighborhood was a challenge, there is 16 inches of heavy wet snow on all the streets—everyone is walking around (and they are using the streets not the sidewalks!)

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well, only took me 2 hours, but i made it into No. Va. some of the roads were really crappy. we had over 2 ft at home…. future in-laws…. got over 4 Ft!!!!

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