Been almost a week since I posted anything and… no body noticed! I would say I am feeling unloved but I got an email from C███████ today, played d&d with friends and went to Fado’s on Fridays for a few pints with friends… so I’m really not feeling unloved.

:: n.b. the following is only really going to make sense to you if you are a computer geek, so save yourself the headache and confusion if you not a geek…::

I decided I was board with my current setup on my laptop. I guess it started because I am running RedHat 8.0 at work and while some if the stuff it does pisses me off, the graphics are soooooooo much better. This is of course because the version of X that is included in RH8 is much newer than mine, and the Gnome and associated libraries are also newer and render better—they even have anti-aliased fonts… ooh pretty!

So I decide to try to upgrade some of the stuff on my laptop. I stated with a new kernel. That was easy, in fact RH’s update system, which I had never used on the three years I have had RH on this laptop, downloaded, configured and installed the latest and greatest without so much as a warning. Yea!

Then I decided to start on X…. now X only comes in one flavor—large amounts of raw code to be configured and compiled by you. Ok, configuration was not a problem, the Imake system is fairly easy to understand, and even the severe lack of documentation (which is the biggest issue I have with the X consortium—the take take a very snobby, ‘well it works for us’ point of view to their code. Not as bad as the guy who codes gaim but still, snobby.) So configuration complete: % make World >& world.log

An hour later, looking at the out put of: % tail -f world.log what to my wondering eyes should appear, but 8000 errors! (god that was cheesy!) All the errors where the same ‘structure has no member named ‘fds_bits” I spent quite a while trying to figure that one out. No luck, seams only one person on the Internet has the same problem, and no on replied to his request for help. However today, just before d&d S██████, J████ and I where talking about it and we think it might be an issue with my version of gcc… so for the past three hours! gcc has been building on my laptop. Maybe this will fix it. But I won’t know till tomorrow night… I need to go to bed, and it’s still building!

And to think I could solve all this by copying my important stuff to a separate partition and installing Gentoo from scratch! Oh, why do I have to be difficult?

:: n.b. non-geeks will under stand the rest :) ::

Koodos to all the peeps from Lockheed that have cleared since I left. Most of the people I knew are cleared now. Ha Ha! Anyway, off to bed now. Bouna notte!

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well… i go to customer tomorrow, and guess what…. curtis is being shipped out to herndon tomorrow to do some un classified stuff for (manager who doesn’t exist). while it is uncleared work, Gina doesn’t think he will come back. so… that means that Tom is now in charge of the AWC Admin project! lol things only get better. if they pay you more… want to come back to finish it? since tom already has his clearance and might leave any day? well, have fun, i’ll catch you later.

Haha, working slowly in the background, pulling strings here and there, I’ve moved to the top post of the AWCAdmin project. Just kidding. Yup, pretty quiet now that you, rob, curtis are all gone now. Got another java person on to try and wrap this project up, hopefully I’ll be able to give him all he needs to know to finish before I go….whenever that is. Hope your doing good where your at beggs. Later

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