snow regulation

It snowed last night. About four inches. And when I went out to my truck this morning guess what? No truck. They towed it. Now this made me mad. They declared a snow emergency last night sometime and towed me because I was parked on Florida Ave. and Florida is designated as a ‘snow emergency route.’ I was really pissed when I called the police (but, of course I was polite with the lady on the phone.) they told me that I had been towed to the 1800 block of 18th street. I felt much better when I got off the phone thinking that they had just towed me out of the way—ok, inconvenient and such but understandable. Then I got to my truck and started cleaning it off and you know what I found? A $250 ticket for ‘SNOW REGULATION.’ What really pisses me off about this is that two weeks ago it snowed 18 inches and they did not tow anyone off Florida Ave. and the other day they did not tow when it snowed, nor did they tow when it snowed twice in January. I really don’t want to pay $250—that’s outrageous. A regular towing fee would be acceptable, since they did tow me, but $250 is just ridiculous.