fat tuesday

Are you drunk? I’m not, too bad, I would have liked to have gone out to a Fat Tuesday party, but had no one to go with. Oh well, I did go out over the weekend to Five with S██████, K–, J– and N——. K– had never been clubbing so, we broke her in with something a little main stream before we take her to Velvet. We went out early as N—— had a train to catch at seven in the morning. The music was a little lacking, too repetitive and flat (yea, I’m a techno snob, no it does not all sound the same.) Drinks where a little expensive, but we all had a good time, The inside of the club reminded me of a lot of the smaller clubs in London, and especially Match EC1—but without the food. I don’t know everything reminds me of something on Europe. I can’t get my time in Europe out of my head—sometimes just driving down the road I will have sudden, very vivid, flashbacks. Out of nowhere I will be recalling every detail of some place in Europe—the inside of St. Chapelle or the hall of the hotel A—– and I stayed at in Milan. I don’t know. Is it just my life is that boring since I got back or what? Oh well, it keeps making me want to go back more and more.