reuters on germany

Reuters just likes to pick on Germany, then again maybe they are asking for it:

Doggy brothel:

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German artist has applied for a license to open a brothel in Berlin for sexually frustrated dogs and says it will be the first of its kind anywhere…


Bad pizza leads to ax murder:

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Unhappy with his pizza and not content with a refund, a man in Germany has gone after the chef with an axe…


Government pays for big breast:

BERLIN (Reuters) – A popular German singer who had breast implants paid for by health insurers has sparked a debate about what is wrong with country’s generous but cash-strapped welfare system…


Today’s was just not a good day for Germany in the news…

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Germany just seems to get it. Still, nothing so disturbing as the fried penis story. I wonder what it is about German genetics that makes them prone for Reuters stories?

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