a year

when we started I was scared, I did not know what to expect, or if it would work out. In only three months the distance between us would encompass an entire ocean. But after a year, I we are still here, seperated by that ocean but close. Relationships are always hard, but a longdistance relationship makes it even harder. I have not seen C███████ in nine months, though we talk often it is not enough. I hope that I will be in a positon to see more of her soon, but… I miss her. So, today marks the one year anniversary of our relationship, I just wanted to wish her a great anniversary and tell her that I love her…

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so the google translation:
I love you anch’ and he lacks to me pi every other thing to the world. I do not see the hour see again to you.
and the beggs educated guess:
I love you too and my world is not complete without you. I cannot wait to see you again.
( lots of help from google and this Italian dictionary )
How close did I come?

The ‘I love you too’ part was easy, the ‘I cannot wait to see you again’ was not too bad, but the ‘and my world is not complete without you’ I am so not sure about.
manchi = are absent
ogni cosa = everything / all
al mondo = (of the) world

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