dc dmv bs

Oh my god… I took off work early to go down to DMV and fight the ticket I got last time it snowed. The ticket said that hearings where on a walk-in basis between 8:30 and 5:00 Monday thou Friday. I got to DMV at 4:05… and the rude bitch at the counter, in between yelling across the room to carry on a conversation with someone else told me that adjudication closed at 4. Now I expect to be told I would have to pay the ticket, but I was going to try to fight it anyway. Now I’m going to make someones life miserable because I have been treated like shit by DMV personel and managment. I have a call in to the head customer service rep now, and if she can’t help me I’ll tell her to give me the number for the next higher up person. The mayer is going to get a nasty ass letter about this whole situation…. I hate incomitance and red tape and to be treated rudely by the DMV staff on top of that? Fuck that, I want blood now.