more wasted money

On the 18th I got home and there was a notice from the post office that I had a letter from C███████ at the post office that I had to sign for in order to pick up. Well the post office listed was Columbia Heights, which is not my normal post office but… Anyway, I tried unsuccessfully to find the place on Monday afternoon. Turns out I read the map wrong—Seventh st. turns into Georgia ave, not Seventeenth st. So Wednesday I headed out of work a little early to try again.

By the time I got to the post office at Columbia Heights it was pouring outside. Inside the woman behind the counter told me that they had left the wrong notice, that my package was at the 14th and T st. office. Now this is irritating because I could walk to the 14th and T st. office (that will be important in a sec.) This is by no means the first problem I have had with the post office in DC—packages never being delivered, packages being delivered but never arriving, packages taking days to arrive (i.e. things shipped on the 14th from two hours away arrive on the 30th?)

Anyway, I get back in the truck and pull out of the parking space, roll up to the parking lot exit, look right and left, and start to pull out. And suddenly there is a gray Ford Taurus in front of me. BAM! I took out his front corner panel. This so pisses me off—guy driving in the pouring rain, in a gray car, at high speed down a narrow street—and with no lights! I repeat gray car, in the pouring rain with no lights! Anyway rather than report this to insurance it cost me a couple of hundred dollars. The end result of which is I am very, very broke this month.

I blame this all on the post office! If they could get their shit in order and do stuff right then I would not have even been there!