weekend update

Since I don’t have a working computer at home and therefore do not write journal entries between Friday morning and Monday morning here is a quick update of the weekend:

exit hillbilly stage left:

Dave Lawson, the guy who hired me at Genesis left Genesis on Friday to head back to West Virginia. He is leaving because he wants to be closer to his parents as his father has gotten sick. A bunch of us got together on Friday at GSC for lunch and to tell stories. It was fun, there where about 10 of us there, we listened to Lawsons stories of strange things that happen in West Virginia—like towns with strange names: Hurricane, Nitro, Gad and the best, Big Ugly. We also go into a argument about the war—ended up being codejunkie and I vs. everyone else. Funny that he two guys I would have pegged as the most understanding where the to most adamant that we should ‘nuke the fuckers.’ I don’t have a solution to the war, but it seams to me that very few people I talk to over the age of 30 take the time to think of the consequences of all this—they swallowed the ‘terrorism’ and ‘liberation’ and ‘it will cause a domino effect in the region’ bullshit—hook, line and sinker. Anyway, good luck to Dave, hope he enjoys his new job.

but where do they put it?:

Friday afternoon S██████ called me to ask if I wanted to join him and a bunch of the Pride Alliance people from Mason at a Drag Show at George Washington University. Well, it’s been several years since I went to a drag show—since I was roommates with a gay guy and worked at the club where the drag show was. They’re funny as hell, and as I had nothing better to do I went. Other than it being hotter than hell in the room, and the queens being a bit more than fashionable late it was fun. Except that I got a phone call I had to take halfway through and did not get off the phone till the show was almost over. There was a gorgeous girl in the audience who reminded me so much of C███████ the I spent as much time starring at her as the queen (not that that’s bad for a strait guy!)

Can peanuts be social?:

On Saturday J███████ and K– came over to my place and we made dinner—penne with Alfredo sauce, salad and I don’t know what it was but it was made of eggplant, onion, garlic and what-not sauteed in olive oil and it was really good, along with some red wine. After dinner we went to Xando’s for coffee and J███████ and K– got Smores. I played with the Tiki fire and at some point J███████ announced that I had the social maturity of a peanut. Now this is a downgrade from my status—according to C███████, of having he social maturity level of an eight year old. But I don’t know, I mean peanuts can’t burn the utensils and launch burning sticks across the room with a straw.

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Look on the bright side, Brian. Peanuts do have a certain charm, of sorts. After all, they’re all over Indian food, and Thai as well. They’re the center nibbling item at many parties. So, there’s still some hope. Maybe Christina really likes peanuts, too. : ) But as far as launching tiki fire lit marshmellow roasting sticks through homemade straw projectiles at waitresses who can’t find wine glasses – you’ve the social maturity of a peanut. :D

Hm… I don’t think Beggs is being eaten at parties… and I am not about to toss him on food. So, he might be a nut… hum… yeah. Beggs == nut.

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