fractured thoughts

plastic window:

Because the glass place ordered the wrong part. The good news it that the lady said that since they had made the mistake she would do the install for free on Monday when they get the new part. Saves me 50 bucks. Nice!

bigger cube:

Still a cube but come Monday morning I will have a bigger cube in the new building. Though I will not have a chair. Apparently the furniture company will not have the chairs till after Monday so this weekend they are bringing over some ‘temporary chairs.’ At least that’s what the email I got today said—I think it’s some cruel code for ‘milk cartons.’ But hey, I got off work today at noon because they where shutting down all the networks to move them.


That’s what my license plate says now! It also says “taxation without representation” but thats another issue. [ |] Since I had the afternoon off I decided to torture myself by going downtown to DMV and dealing with that issue. Bottom line is that now, after seven months of living in DC and numerous trips to DMV my truck is registered in DC and I have a parking permit! Lovely.

miss london?:

That’s what the sign in Paris last spring asked. It had a picture of a guy sitting outside a little Parisian cafe—in the pouring rain. It was an advert for the Eurostar. I felt kind of like that guy today while I was sitting at Starbucks on the Circle. I got some coffee and a sandwich (never do that—they cost too much) and as the place was really crowded I sat outside—under the almost-not-there-at-all awning. It was just enough to cover the table and chair but when the wind blew I got sprayed with misty rain. At least I was not the only one out there, all four of the table under the awning had at least one person there.

over the top:

I saw The Matrix: Reloaded last night. It was good but I was disappointed. The ideas and story where for the most part good. But the execution was lacking. Part of the problem is the long drawn out fight scenes—with way too much, way to obvious computer graphics, juxtaposed with the in your face philosophy and what-not. The first movie was better mixed, this one had a jerky flow. Lots of geeky stuff in there, mind boggling ideas. The action is awesome in places and in others the special effects take center stage over the action and the whole movie suffers for it. Also the movie suffers from a overload of characters and not enough time to develop them, but maybe the third movie will do that. Maybe that is why both are being released within a few months of each other. This one is definitely worth seeing on the big screen but I think it is like Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in that without the resolution of the third movie it suffers. So I can’t wait the see The Matrix: Revolution.

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