To all my friends who are graduating this year, I just wanted to say congratulations. I am proud of you. Finishing college is no small feat, you have all done well. So to A█████, C██████, J██, J██████, K██, S██████, S██████, and everyone else I know who has come to the end of their studies; Congratulations.

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Thanks Beggs. After four long tough back breaking years I come out of it with a nice piece of paper called a degree. I think thats a good trade. Well I’m looking forward to my next few years spent drinking during happy hour in all the bars across DC. Hell yeah! BUSH HERE I COME!! Beggs, its gonna be a hell of a time.

Beggs, thanks for the congratulations. We worked long and hard through England – what a show! I am glad that you shared some of those college years with me. England, and Mason, would have been very different otherwise…

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