The whole ‘genetically modified foods are going to be the end of civilization’ craze has kinda passed me by. I figure we have been genetically modifying food for a long time by cross pollination, we can just do it faster now by skipping the whole middle man (or middle men—the bees, et al.) and change the plant in a petri dish now. Then I read this article [] and I realized that this really is the end of the world! I mean, coffee plants that grow decaffeinated coffee?!?!?! That really is the dark side! What happens if one of these plants escapes the lab? Imagine one of these freaks getting in to the wild coffee plant population in Brazil. It might make no difference, but it could be the beginning of the end for all the worlds real coffee plants. Decaf is the devils work. This plant could be the anti-Christ! The end of civilization as we know it. We must unite to stop this research! Coffee without caffeine is just dirty brown water! Spread the word—just say no to decaf!