I took part today in the MoveOn [] primary today. The goal is for them to pick a candidate to support—all the choices are democrats as MoveOn is a liberal organization. But whatever your personal convictions are or are not regarding politics, be you left, right or middle, donkey, elephant or just human understanding and participating in the election process is
important for every US Citizen old enough to vote. So:

Register to vote []
Find out who is representing you []
 –The parties []
 –The candidates []
read the news papers and magazines, watch tv or listen to the radio, but pay attention so you know what is going on and can make an informed decision come election time. Don’t let other people make the decision for you.

The presidential election in 2000 was decided by five electoral
votes! The candidate who won the popular vote lost the election! (see
the numbers
[]) Don’t ever think that your vote does not
affect the outcome.

Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.

–George Jean Nathan (1882-1958)

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Politically active… I didn’t realize that you voted. I thought that you didn’t really participate in politics, preferring to observe from afar so as to not develop that rancid after taste in your mouth that’s so common in politics. Yikes!

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