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Thursday, October 30th, 2003

I’m going to Japan! I booked tickets today for J——-, S—— and myself to go see Jim-tenno in Japan this spring! How cool is that? In 2002 S—— and J– cam to England to see J——- and I and we had a blast. I can’t even describe how cool that was—and now Japan. How many rolls of film can I snap in two weeks? Oh man, I’m so excited! Konichiwa!

Peru? No Peru.

Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

There was a chance on Monday that I would have had to go to Peru on Tuesday for work. I packed a bag Monday night just in case. I would say there was about a 10% chance I would have gone on Monday. By Tuesday afternoon that was up to about 80%—and we even reserved a ticket for me for a flight out of Reagan. But, alas, sometime between 4:00 and 4:30 most of the issues we were having with Peru were fixed so I did not get to go to Peru. Too bad too I was looking forward to it. I’ve never been to Peru. Besides I think A—– needs a Llama! ;-)


Monday, October 13th, 2003

I just finished reading Noam Chomsky‘s [] lectures and thoughts from the months after 9/11—Power and Terror []. It’s been a while sense I read any Chomsky. Every time you read him he shocks you. With the depth of his knowledge and the things he says.

I’ve heard Chomsky described as ‘un-American’ by quite a few people. Why? Because he uses the factual record—produced by our own government—to condemn American actions around the world. The atrocities committed in our name or under our patronage. I can think of little more American then voicing ones dissent from popular opinion and the government. While I don’t agree with all that Chomsky or Zinn have to say I think they are two of the most important intellectuals in the US today and that what they have to say should be read by all.

Hearing anyone described as un-American is almost enough to make me sick. Short of physical violence against the US and it’s citizens I don’t think anything can be called un-American. The basis of the whole country is dissent. It is every Americans constitutional right to say ‘I hate America.’ And that is what makes American great. A lot needs to be fixed. Many things have gotten confused over the past two hundred years, but we are in a better position to fix those things and any other country. Almost everything Tocqueville said made America great when he wrote Democracy in America [] has been lost to special intrest, political correctness, greed and corruption. People like Zinn and Chomsky call attention to the effects. If more people listened then perhaps we could get a little back. And once again be, rightfully and correctly, called the greatest country on Earth and live up the the ideals in the Declaration of Independance [], the Constitution [] and in the Bill of Rights [].

The Governator

Wednesday, October 8th, 2003

Ah-nold! So anyone who can see or hear in the US (and most of the rest of the world) knows that Arnold was elected Governor of California yesterday. I cannot help but think this is a bad move. I don’t really have a dislike of Arnold (how can I no one reallly knows his position on anything—it will all be up to the people he picks to run stuff, and I think Warren Buffet is a good choice) My first reaction to Arnold is no, but that’s just because he is republican and I am, oh so very dissolusioned by the way the republicans have been doing things lately—one of the two things I usually like about the reps is their foreign policy and Bush et. al. have just fucked that all up. (the other thing is the reps hard stance of welfare—I’m all for thrown’ the dole out the window. Period.) Anyway, well give the Governator a chance and see if it works. At least he will have a catchy re-election slogan; “I’ll be back” :)

blame Canada!

Wednesday, October 8th, 2003

I did indead go to Canada for one day. Flew from Dulles to Montreal on Monday and back on Tuesday—all for a two hour meeting with someone. Wow. Montreal seemed nice, but most of the time it was just dead. I guess maybe it was becaue it was Monday evening but the bars we went to (oh… too much Guinness!) where just dead. There was much bitching and moaning. But there was also much drinking and it was a good time. The three of us who when did manage to get up on Tuesday and make the meeting. But that’s all hush hush. Afterwords we went back downtown for some lunch before our flight. We ended up playing billiards for several hours. So if anyone askes me what I did on October 7th, I can just tell them—I played pool. In Canada. The other thing was that when we got back (at 9pm) another guy we where to meet was in town so we meet him and had a drink till close to midnight! Must sleep tonight.

exerpts from a conversation in hell

Saturday, October 4th, 2003

Was logged into tonight, since I have a working internet connection from home again and I thought part of this conversation was cool:

violet : not much for patriotism, but i think I’ve been there before.
say hey : no i’m not all that for patriotism either…
say hey : new world people so often are though
say hey : sorry for assuming
beggs : the French are quite patriotic also…
violet : mostly Americans, though.
beggs : patriotism is the bane of many things in the world
say hey : true…. but most European countries don’t like to be too patriotic… they associate patriotism with fascism
violet : well… maybe not…i dunno.
violet : i can surely say that i am not sure.
beggs : the memories of world wars fought in your back yard will do that.
say hey : yep true
violet : must be a strange feeling…
say hey : what cultural event are you most excited about right now/
beggs : modern American patriotism is a opiate of fear and stupidity
beggs : the malicious leading the blind

say hey : kiss the past till it’s better
violet : i associate the American racist/hate/patriotism often with stupidity…there is no excuse for ignorance in this day and age.

beggs : possessing 90% of the worlds wealth and the mightiest army in the worldhas given rise to a culture of lazy and ignorant people

beggs : people who blindly follow anyone they think will make them more money

violet : money is the only thing that really matters to people, when it comes down to it.
beggs : all of what Tocqueville said made American democracy great has been contorted to make the powerful more powerful..
say hey : is that true violet?… i know what you mean… but money stands for passions hopes and dreams ….
beggs : Money, power, prestige and sex
beggs : the four drives of the human species
beggs : a man uses the first three to get the last and a women the last to get the first three
say hey : drives are deeper…. than that…
violet : the one thing that matters the most to me is being happy…imbalances make that rare for me.
beggs : I disagree
say hey : yeah i can relate to that Vi….
beggs : people associate these four things with happiness
beggs : people who have none of these find religion
violet : i could be living on the streets and still capable of an emotion.

say hey : yes true violet….
violet : money, power, prestige…
violet : i could be with out all those and still be able to have an emotion.
violet : …happy

beggs : but sex?

beggs : anyway. Money, Power, Prestige and Sex… it does not describe all drives—nothing can. But it fits most situations and people.
violet : true.
violet : the first three are meaningless to me. the last, is nice when it’s around.
say hey : yeah i can see how you can apply those 4 things to most modern situations and
violet : money is necessary, however.
say hey : money didn’t always exist
beggs : like Nietzsche’s view of altruism there is no way to prove it wrong.
beggs : but that does not make it right.

Coolest thing in my life right now? I am going to Montreal on Monday for a business trip. Unfortunately have to come back on Tuesday, but hey, what can you ask for. Maybe next time I will get to go to London for a business trip. Keep your fingers crossed.

too much x-files

Wednesday, October 1st, 2003

Apparently there are still people in Virginia without power since the hurricane—misribella as they call it now. I think it’s all just a big conspiracy. See after the big northeast blackout this summer and all the trouble California had a couple years ago the power companies know that they are going to have to spend a lot of money on upgrading the entire power grid. A lot of money. So, if they dick around long enough every time there is a power outage they can make it look so bad that the government will step in and order them to fix the grid. Then they can go to congress and say; ‘we can’t do it without government money!’ See? It’s all just a big greedy conspiracy. That or I watched way too much X-Files as a teenager!

Oh yea, and I am finished moving. But I still don’t have DSL service—this weekend they said. So I have resorted to updating from work. Breaking my previous posts little… thingy. Anyway! Living with Sherman and Molly is quite fun. Though I don’t see much of Molly—Sherman keeps her locked up in his room. What would you do with a slave sheep?

Ok. Back to work!