blame Canada!

I did indead go to Canada for one day. Flew from Dulles to Montreal on Monday and back on Tuesday—all for a two hour meeting with someone. Wow. Montreal seemed nice, but most of the time it was just dead. I guess maybe it was becaue it was Monday evening but the bars we went to (oh… too much Guinness!) where just dead. There was much bitching and moaning. But there was also much drinking and it was a good time. The three of us who when did manage to get up on Tuesday and make the meeting. But that’s all hush hush. Afterwords we went back downtown for some lunch before our flight. We ended up playing billiards for several hours. So if anyone askes me what I did on October 7th, I can just tell them—I played pool. In Canada. The other thing was that when we got back (at 9pm) another guy we where to meet was in town so we meet him and had a drink till close to midnight! Must sleep tonight.