exerpts from a conversation in hell

Was logged into tonight, since I have a working internet connection from home again and I thought part of this conversation was cool:

violet : not much for patriotism, but i think I’ve been there before.
say hey : no i’m not all that for patriotism either…
say hey : new world people so often are though
say hey : sorry for assuming
beggs : the French are quite patriotic also…
violet : mostly Americans, though.
beggs : patriotism is the bane of many things in the world
say hey : true…. but most European countries don’t like to be too patriotic… they associate patriotism with fascism
violet : well… maybe not…i dunno.
violet : i can surely say that i am not sure.
beggs : the memories of world wars fought in your back yard will do that.
say hey : yep true
violet : must be a strange feeling…
say hey : what cultural event are you most excited about right now/
beggs : modern American patriotism is a opiate of fear and stupidity
beggs : the malicious leading the blind

say hey : kiss the past till it’s better
violet : i associate the American racist/hate/patriotism often with stupidity…there is no excuse for ignorance in this day and age.

beggs : possessing, like, 90% of the worlds wealth and the mightiest army in the world has given rise to a culture of lazy and ignorant people

beggs : people who blindly follow anyone they think will make them more money

violet : money is the only thing that really matters to people, when it comes down to it.
beggs : all of what Tocqueville said made American democracy great has been contorted to make the powerful more powerful..
say hey : is that true violet?… i know what you mean… but money stands for passions hopes and dreams ….
beggs : Money, power, prestige and sex
beggs : the four drives of the human species, according to my high school US history teacher…
beggs : a man uses the first three to get the last and a women the last to get the first three, pretty sexist
say hey : drives are deeper…. than that…
violet : the one thing that matters the most to me is being happy…imbalances make that rare for me.
beggs : I don’t know, you can “understand” a lot of history if you look at it through those drives. At least for the men
say hey : yeah i can relate to that Vi….
beggs : people associate these four things with happiness
beggs : people who have none of these find religion
violet : i could be living on the streets and still capable of an emotion.

say hey : yes true violet….
violet : money, power, prestige…
violet : i could be with out all those and still be able to have an emotion.
violet : …happy

beggs : but sex?

beggs : anyway. Money, Power, Prestige and Sex… it does not describe all drives—nothing can. But it fits most situations and people.
violet : true.
violet : the first three are meaningless to me. the last, is nice when it’s around.
say hey : yeah i can see how you can apply those 4 things to most modern situations and
violet : money is necessary, however.
say hey : money didn’t always exist
beggs : like Nietzsche’s view of altruism there is no way to prove it wrong.
beggs : but that does not make it right.

Coolest thing in my life right now? I am going to Montreal on Monday for a business trip. Unfortunately have to come back on Tuesday, but hey, what can you ask for. Maybe next time I will get to go to London for a business trip. Keep your fingers crossed.

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