too much x-files

Apparently there are still people in Virginia without power since the hurricane—misribella as they call it now. I think it’s all just a big conspiracy. See after the big northeast blackout this summer and all the trouble California had a couple years ago the power companies know that they are going to have to spend a lot of money on upgrading the entire power grid. A lot of money. So, if they dick around long enough every time there is a power outage they can make it look so bad that the government will step in and order them to fix the grid. Then they can go to congress and say; ‘we can’t do it without government money!’ See? It’s all just a big greedy conspiracy. That or I watched way too much X-Files as a teenager!

Oh yea, and I am finished moving. But I still don’t have DSL service—this weekend they said. So I have resorted to updating from work. Breaking my previous posts little… thingy. Anyway! Living with Sherman and Molly is quite fun. Though I don’t see much of Molly—Sherman keeps her locked up in his room. What would you do with a slave sheep?

Ok. Back to work!

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hey there… i found through geo url… that you live really close to me… so i thought id stop by and say hi and see if you really do live in DC

AIM: chibigiggles

we should talk some time… im new to the area.. and just looking to meet people iguess

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