I’m going to Japan! I booked tickets today for J███████, S██████ and myself to go see Jim-tenno in Japan this spring! How cool is that? In 2002 S██████ and J– cam to England to see J███████ and I and we had a blast. I can’t even describe how cool that was—and now Japan. How many rolls of film can I snap in two weeks? Oh man, I’m so excited! Konichiwa!

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Come on, how often do you get to drop $2000 in one day on plane tickets? Plus, it’s going to be one hell of a trip… The four of us, in Japan. Fuck the British invasion. Japan better be ready for the American invasion. : ) Besides, I’m not sure if I’m going to remember even half the trip, which makes me sad on one hand – but damn, that’s exactly how I know it’s going to be good, on the other!

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