Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — March 2005


Good Friday was a holiday here in S’pore—why? I don’t know no one here really celebrates Easter but hey it was a three day weekend: who am I to question. Since it was a long weekend Candice and I went to Malaysia []. Or, more precisely we went to Genting [] and Kuala Lumpur [].

First stop: Genting… After a long (eight hours! Someone lied then they said it only took four!) and very uncomfortable ride on a bus that bounced so much on it’s shocks that it could have stared in a Dr. Dre video, we got to Genting. Now, Genting is nothing more than a miniature Lost Wages in the highlands near Kuala Lumpur. There are some really great views of the mountains but other than that if you’re not placing bets or riding on cheesy miniature thrill rides then you’re eating or sleeping. But we only spent a day there so it was all good.

Kuala Lumpur was kind of a disappointment though. The only thing to really do is shop or drink. There is a severe lack of cultural things to see. You can go to Chinatown and by RM10 Rolexes but then, you can do that in most major cities in Southeast Asia. But what do KL have that no one else has? The Petronas Twin Towers [] of course. The world’s tallest building—or it was… Maybe, see here [] and here []. The towers are a bit of a let down actually because there is no real bulk to them. I mean the World Trade Center had and the Sears Tower has bulk taking up city blocks and being basically beefy all the way up. The Petronas Towers are kind or skimpy by comparison. But they do make for cool pictures.


That was about it for the photo ops in KL, but on Sunday we headed a bit north of the city to Batu Caves []. There was no body mutilating Thaipusam [] religious festival (think masochistic circus side show involving hooks,) but there were monkeys! I took lots of pictures of the monkeys even though I just took pictures of the monkeys in Singapore, which Candice did not understand. The conversation went something like this:

Candice: “Why are you taking so many pictures of the monkeys?”
Beggs: “Cause monkeys are cool!”
Candice: “Why are monkeys cool?
Beggs: “Umm… I don’t understand the question?”

Anyway, it was a relaxing weekend. The pictures are a bit disappointing—mostly due to the lack of a tripod. Most of the night shots of the Petronas Towers are blurry since I was holding the camera. Same holds for most of the monkey shots as it was dark in the cave and the flash would have scared them all away. C’est la vie… that’ll teach me to travel without a tripod!