Have you seen my keys.. no really!

I seem to have misplaced my keys—somewhere in Vietnam. Yes; Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City to be more precise. I jaunted off for a weekend in Ho Chi Minh City. Not as romantic as spending the weekend in Paris I guess. But then I’m in Singapore now, not London. I’ll try to write more about Vietnam when I get a chance to go through the photos I took. Thought I don’t expect too many good ones.

Anyway back to my keys. I had them when I was in Vietnam, but not when I got back. I suspect they were actually lost on the plane. They were in the outside pocket of my duffle bag, which in retrospect might not have been the best place to put them. There was nothing really important on the key chain. The key to the flat here in Singapore for which there are a number of spares. The key to my desk at work, which there should be a spare ‘on file’ with the office manger and a strange old-style key I found in London.

I found the strange key in Leicester Square on my first trip to London, which was actually only a single day/night. C██████ and I were on the way to Paris and we had a stopover in London. While wondering around I found this key in the cobblestones around Leicester Square. The key was like an old clock key. I have absolutely no use for the key but I though it was cool. Sucks that I lost it.

the other thing that sucks to lose is the metal chain and lobster clasp that was attached to the key ring. Very hard to find this kind of key chain with no leather on it. Oh well. Maybe I should call Singapore Airlines and see if it fell out in the cargo hold.