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long time no updateness

Monday, June 27th, 2005

Due to the yummy downtime I did not get to post several things I wanted to post before I departed S’pore. Too bad. So sad. And since I have been back in los Estados Unidos I have been the posting slack master. I have several half completed posts I would like to finish and get up here for your viewing pleasure but, alas I have not. My current list of reasons why I have not feed the masses any new verbage include: sinus infection, working strange hours, jet laaaaag, pool, foosball, ping-ping, playstation, x-box and general back-in-the-states malasie. So to sum it up, I am failing to appologize for the lack of updates and stating that I’ll get to it when I get to it. Thank you for your support.

Umm… Yummy down time

Friday, June 17th, 2005

Confused last time you tried to access confusion and it was not here? What’s that Well we (and I use the royal ‘we’ here,) had a little interruption in our (not so) regularly scheduled programming. Some nasty person or peoples out there launched a DDoS [] against confusion. Actually, against a domain that was, a long time ago, hosted on the same box as confusion. The IP was never removed. All is better now—as you see. My ISP NULLed out the old IP and configured all new IPs on the box. Then because the box was still being choked by established connections I issued a reboot command but the box didn’t come back online. Don’t understand that, I mean, re-boot, go down, come back up. Not go down stay down: that’s halt. A quick call to the service provider fixed that after it became apparent that it wasn’t going to fix itself. Anyway I was going to post some stuff this week, but as I am flying off to Virginia tomorrow—YEA!—it’ll have to wait. Ciao…

15 minuets + SGD26 = more drugs than I need.

Monday, June 13th, 2005

You gotta love socialist health care. I went to the ‘clinic’ here this morning: Walk in. Say “I think I have a sinus infection.” Give her my resident ID. Doctor shines a flashlight in my mouth and up my nose (hardware store standard issue black rubber model, not fancy doctors issues shiny thingy.) Doctor—well, I think so…—scribbles something illegible. “hand this to the nurse outside.” Hand the *perscription* to the *nurse*. “Take one of these once a day, one of these and these twice daily and two of these once a day. These three as needed and you must finish the treatment for this one. That’ll be 26 dollars.” I think I’m gonna take the antibiotics and stow the rest of this for sale in Virginia when I back next week. Socialist health care… I feel dirty!


Monday, June 6th, 2005

I wasn’t like Linus [] when I was a kid. I never really carried my blanket around with me. And it was a good blanket, soft, quilted, hand made by my great grandmother. I still have it, probably because I did not carry it everywhere. I just chewed on the corners while I slept.

What I did carry around as a kid was a stuffed kangaroo—called Kabby, that my mother got with Betty Crocker [] points. I carried that thing everywhere. I left it out in the rain on night and was totally distraught because I didn’t know where Kabby was. I still have Kabby, missing one eye and there is a hole in the tail where the stuffing is coming out, but I still have it.

Kabby was the last toy I got that has not been subsequently and quickly supplanted by the next, newer, toy. Growing up a geek enshrined this as I am always on the lookout for newer and better toys. A new computer, new video games, new stereo, PDA, cell phone.

Cell phones are particularly bad. My first phone, after moving up from a pager, was the Motorola MicroTAC 550, of which I can’t even find a decent picture. I then got a Nokia 252n which I used and loved for several years. When I was in Europe I got a Nokia 3300—which I still think was the best 2G phone ever and possibly the best mobile phone ever. When I returned to the US I got a 3395 specifically because it had the same interface. My cell phone revolving door really got going after I started working for a company in the mobile services space several years ago. Since then I have had a Samsung 715e, a Sony Ericsson T610 (which is the best 2.5G phone I have ever used), a Trio 650, a Nokia N-Gage, LG 6000, a Motorola v600 and lately a Sony Ericsson k700i.

Last night I feed the need to have the latest and greatest by spending an inordinate amount of money on a new toy: the Sony Ericsson z800i []. Oh, behold! Shiney!