Umm… Yummy down time

Confused last time you tried to access confusion and it was not here? What’s that Well we (and I use the royal ‘we’ here,) had a little interruption in our (not so) regularly scheduled programming. Some nasty person or peoples out there launched a DDoS [] against confusion. Actually, against a domain that was, a long time ago, hosted on the same box as confusion. The IP was never removed. All is better now—as you see. My ISP NULLed out the old IP and configured all new IPs on the box. Then because the box was still being choked by established connections I issued a reboot command but the box didn’t come back online. Don’t understand that, I mean, re-boot, go down, come back up. Not go down stay down: that’s halt. A quick call to the service provider fixed that after it became apparent that it wasn’t going to fix itself. Anyway I was going to post some stuff this week, but as I am flying off to Virginia tomorrow—YEA!—it’ll have to wait. Ciao…