15 minuets + SGD26 = more drugs than I need.

You gotta love socialist health care. I went to the ‘clinic’ here this morning: Walk in. Say “I think I have a sinus infection.” Give her my resident ID. Doctor shines a flashlight in my mouth and up my nose (hardware store standard issue black rubber model, not fancy doctors issues shiny thingy.) Doctor—well, I think so…—scribbles something illegible. “hand this to the nurse outside.” Hand the *perscription* to the *nurse*. “Take one of these once a day, one of these and these twice daily and two of these once a day. These three as needed and you must finish the treatment for this one. That’ll be 26 dollars.” I think I’m gonna take the antibiotics and stow the rest of this for sale in Virginia when I back next week. Socialist health care… I feel dirty!