Singapore Botanical Gardens


I actually went to the Singapore Botanical Gardens [] way back in January but and just now getting my lazy ass around to posting the pictures. They are not the most artistic pictures I’ve ever taken but if you like flowers take a look. 90% or so of the pictures are actually of orchids, but there are a few other plants, bromeliads and a Venus flytrap [] even.

I used to know a guy who grew 15 or more species in his house in C’ville. He had orchids in the bathroom, orchids on the steps, orchids everywhere. Of course this guy was a transmission mechanic by trade, a molecular biologist by education, and a founding member of the Elvis Grotto caving society. Strangest thing was the large black and while profile of the king himself that was spray painted on the hood of this guys 1971 Land Rover. Very strange. He used to go to ‘orchid society’ conventions and little old ladies from around the world whom he had only met briefly in Vegas or New York while at these conventions would call him at all hours to ask about growing this or that orchid. Very strange indeed.