Kyoto, Tokyo and Matsumoto, Japan — March 2004

Since posting this entry I have split the photos on Flickr into multiple sets by location. Click here to see the sets: Kyoto [], Nikko [], Nagano & Matsumoto [], Nara [] and Tokyo [].


I realized today that I have a number more photo sets uploaded to flickr [] than I do here on my own site. (n.b. my flickr account is here []) So now I will attempt to fix that.

I’ll start by posting my oldest set of digital picture goodness—Japan! Japan, was the first place I went to with my 10D, in fact it was the reason for getting the 10D in the first place. J███████, S██████ and I made the 15 day… I mean hour trip back in March of 2004. There we joined Jim for two weeks of early mornings, late nights, temples, shrines, more temples, more shrines, Nijojojojojojojo jo, sake, more sake and ‘oh my god Jim, they’re all Japanese!


Needless to say it was fun. So much fun in fact that I hope to do it again before Jim is no longer Jim-in-Japan. We traveled around Tokyo with Jim, and sometimes N—— — J–‘s personal guide (if you catch my drift) to Japan for some time. After that we ventured out and explored Kyoto, Nagano, Matsumoto, Nara, Neko and Yokohama before finally departing Tokyo for what turned into a nightmare 30 hours of delayed and missed flights before returning to the world that is not Japan—NoVa.


I just realized that even though I have posted the pictures of Japan before, and taken them down and posted them again, and taken them down again, I have never actually written about the Japan trip. The closest I got to it was this entry [] make just after returning from Japan. I guess I must have had some sort of premonition or something when I wrote:

When I get a chance to catch my breath and collect my thoughts I will attempt to distill two weeks of Gai-jin fumbling into a coherent narrative. Or maybe I’ll just try to make it interesting rather than dull and lifeless. Yes that’s what I’ll do. I’ll attempt to entertain rather than just report. Maybe it’ll never happen. I may start and never finish—like most things in this journal

as I never did do a proper write up, though I refer to it several times. I guess it doesn’t matter the only people who read this site already know the details, and anyone who does not can email me and demand a full accounting of the (mis)adventures J███████, S██████, Jim and I had in the island nation. Anyway, enjoy the pictures, hopefully this will be the last time I post them.

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