beggs in the holy land!

I am currently in Israel for training on a new role in my current company. Three weeks of ‘training’ and then a week to explore the sights and sounds of the holy land. Candice will be joining me in my falafel eating enterprise for a week and we might even make a side trip to Istanbul—used to be Constantinople, why they changed it I can’t say []… :)

The experience of flying El Al was quite interesting. I thought Heathrow had security issues… The went through every piece of my luggage and repacked several of the carry on items in the checked luggage. On top of that they took several random things out of my luggage and carry on and said they ‘raised alarms’ so I got to answer all types of questions about my Gary Fong Light Sphere II [], my Flickr Minis [], a travel toiletries bag, and a 50mm Prime lens.

Then I got to sit next to a rather large Israelite who smelled like a chimney and sounded like he had TB… On top of that he had a bright and sunny personality and spoke only Hebrew… Makes for a wonderful 12 hours flight.

Anyway, I’m here now and don’t have to worry about anal probing security for the next four weeks. I hope to make it to Jerusalem on the weekend to take some photos and explore the markets.

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