Taps at dad’s funeral

I haven’t posted in my sounds category for a while. Time to fix that. There are a few recordings on my phone that are worth posting. This one is self explanatory. Few people would have guessed it looking at my Dad during my lifetime but he served in the Navy. He even did a tour on a ship in Vietnam. He was discharged for medical reasons, a form or arthritis that was never definitively identified but the pain it caused him was a major contributing factor in his other health issues as he got older and more and more sedentary.

When he died in 2017 we managed to get a flag guard from the local Naval Reserve Centre to attend the funeral and perform the flag folding and play taps. I snuck in a recording of taps. I’ve always liked taps played on a single bugle. Not sure where I first heard it, probably a Donald Duck cartoon or a Loony Toons.